Supporting Agriculture, Water,
Energy, & Food Innovation

Would you like to help drive innovation in nutritious locally grown food? How about earth friendly energy? Help improve water collection, use, and reuse? Learn more about the Oasis vision.


The world in a drop of water on a leaf. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

The world in a drop of water on a leaf. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

About The Oasis

 The Vision:

The Oasis is a place of continuous collaborative innovation.  Leveraging our centrally located facilities and 92 acres of land, the Oasis is a place where a wide range of better ways can be found and proven to:

  • grow and prepare better food
  • use and reuse water more effectively
  • produce and store sustainable energy
  • provide a variety of educational opportunities to our community and beyond.

Pulling together we can accomplish this vision for the benefit of everyone … learn more

The People:

The Oasis is about collaboration with a variety of people across a variety of disciplines. Investors and entrepreneurs come together at the Oasis to foster commercially viable solutions in agriculture, water, energy, and food.

At the Oasis, we work with world class scientists, engineers, business experts, farmers, educators, students, and civic leaders.

The Elements:

The Oasis has been organized to facilitate innovation – continuous innovation in agriculture, water, energy and food.  Through collaboration serious challenges we face feeding people, improving nutrition, reducing waste while improving food and water use, and creating sustainable storable energy are being addressed.

The Oasis provides world class facilities including state-of-the-art research greenhouses, a microbiology/bioinformatics laboratory,  a food science kitchen, and 92 acres of south facing land.

The Oasis helps companies get funded and be successful.  Whether funding is through the Oasis Innovation Fund or another source, the professional due diligence team helps get companies funded.  The Oasis team provides a supportive, nurturing environment to be creative and successful in while developing and testing working scale solutions.

The Oasis provides and hosts educational programs and other events to support the needs of Oasis companies and our community in a productive yet peaceful environment.

Our Partnerships:

Collaboration is a key element for the Oasis to make a meaningful contribution.  To this end we are working with a variety of people from all areas of the community … learn more