Supporting Agriculture, Water,
Energy, & Food Innovation

The Oasis is right at the center of the Northern California super-region near leading centers of education, two national laboratories, the great California Central Valley, and Silicon Valley. The Oasis Venture will enable significant innovations in agriculture, water, energy, and food.  Join us.

The Vision

The Livermore Valley (aka Tri-Valley) is located next to the most successful technology center that has ever existed – Silicon Valley. On its other side, the Livermore Valley is located next to the most fertile growing area of the world often referred to as the breadbasket of the nation – the California Central Valley.

Livermore is the home of two national laboratories; Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratory. The region is home to many advanced learning institutions including Stanford University, Cal Berkeley, and UC Davis – to name a few.

The Livermore Valley area is a curious combination of agriculture (particularly ranches and wineries), high-tech spillover from the Silicon Valley, and a bedroom community.


The Tri-Valley has become an innovation powerhouse in its own rite.  With our focus on Agriculture, Water, Energy, and Food, the Oasis will drive Edible Innovation™ – good food, sustainable food, food that is good for us.  With our focus on Agriculture, Water, Energy, and Food the Oasis will help find better ways to capture, use, and reuse water. With our focus on Agriculture, Water, Energy, and Food the Oasis will work toward complete sustainable energy solutions.

The demographics, local infrastructure, and business climate are ready to support this endeavor.


Our mission is to help more companies be successful with more useful innovations.  Companies will flourish, investors will prosper, and our communities will benefit.  Education and outreach will go hand in hand with our culture of collaboration.

We invite you to join us in making this a reality.

Entrepreneurs & Inventors

Investors Welcome