Supporting Agriculture, Water,
Energy, & Food Innovation

Agriculture & Food

Do you want to help end world hunger? The Oasis is where you can make a difference. Our current agricultural system doesn’t produce enough food to feed everybody and a lot of what is produced is wasted. This situation will only get worse as the population increases.

The Oasis incubates companies that are developing techniques that produce healthier food, in greater quantities, while efficiently using water and renewable energy.

The Oasis is equipped for this task with the following assets:

  • A microbiology lab for testing ways to enhance the growing process
  • State of the art greenhouses for small scale growing tests
  • Acres of room for farming
  • A food science kitchen to find better ways to get the most nutritional value from our food
  • Outreach programs to show people how to apply these advancements in their lives

Please take a moment to watch this brief video to learn more about our commitment to Agriculture and Food.


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